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AVORE 2019 Winter Meeting**

January 24, 25 and 26, 2019


Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Diego, CA

1 Market Place, San Diego, California



When registering online please use: https://book.passkey.com/go/AVORE19


You can call 1-888-421-1442 and use the above passkey to reserve a room or

call Reservations 1-619-232-1234.  Please mention that you are attending the meeting for

The Association for Veterinary Orthopedic Research and Education.  (This will help them locate our room block).


 Meeting Agenda to include:   (This agenda is subject to change)


Thursday,  January 24

2:00 - 3:30        Massimo Petazzoni/Intrauma special session: The Rail TPLO Jig, Downsize Bushings,

Compression with Locking Screws, Sub-bicortical Screw Concept, Bone Bending

(a novel technique from woodworking) and Petazzoni Ulna Splitting (PUS) to Manage Medial Compartment Disease

 4:00 – 5:00       Council Business Meeting (Council Members only)

5:00 – 5:50     Sun Young Kim: Update on 3D Surgical Planning

5:50 - 6:30       Free Communications

                        PJ Rocheleau: Arthroscopically Assisted Medial Shoulder Instability Stabilization

                        Kent Talcott: Clinical Experience on Medical Shoulder Instability

                        Massimo Petazzoni: Introducing the Downsize Bushing

6:30                 Johnson & Johnson Animal Health Customer Connect


Friday, January 25

7:00-8:00         Registration and Breakfast Buffet

8:00-9:00         Luis Campoy: Introduction to Locoregional Anesthesia/

                        How to Document These Techniques

9:00-10:00        Luis Campoy: Locoregional of the Thoracic Limb: Brachial Plexus Block

10:00-10:30       Coffee Break

10:30-11:30        Luis Campoy: Locoregional of the Thoracic Limb: RUMM Block

11:30-12:30        Luis Campoy: Locoregional of the Pelvic Limb: Psoas Compartment Block (preiliac)

12:30-1:30         Lunch Break

1:30-2:20          Jay  Donecker/Steve Fox: Radiosynoviorthesis to Treat Elbow OA

2:20-3:30          Free Communications

                        Steve Petersen: Bi-oblique Dynamic Proximal Ulnar Osteotomy and Elbow Incongruency

                        Massimo Petazzoni: Ulnar Splitting for Elbow Incongruency Treatment

3:30-4:00         Coffee Break

4:00-4:50         Po-Yan Chou: Clinical Experience on the Needle Scope

4:50-6:00         Free Communications

                        Matthew Barnhart: Plateless TPLO

                        Fred Pike: Distal Extremity Reconstructive Surgery              

6:30                  Reception sponsored by Intrauma



Saturday,  January 26

7:00-8:00          Buffet Breakfast

8:00-9:00         Luis Campoy: Locoregional of the Pelvic Limb: Sacral Plexus Block, Sciatic N Block (caudal approach)  

9:00-10:00        Luis Campoy: Locoregional of the Pelvic Limb: Femoral N Block

10:00-10:30       Coffee Break

10:30-11:30        Luis Campoy: Locoregional of the Pelvic Limb: Saphenous N Block

11:30-12:30        Luis Campoy: Case Study: Cully, the Long Road to Recovery

12:30-1:30         Lunch Break

1:30-2:20          David Dycus: Experience on CBLO

2:20-3:00          Free Communications

                        Mark Fuller: Case Presentation

                        Laurent Guiot: Total Knee Replacement

                        Massimo Petazzoni: Introducing the Innovative Rail-Jig

3:00                 Departure to the USS Midway

4:00-7:00         Private event: tour of the USS Midway sponsored by Securos and Aratana to include appetizers and a hosted bar.  Please notify Marie of your intent to attend as

participation is limited.


** “This course has been submitted, but not yet approved for  12 hours of continuing education in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB’s RACE approval; however participants

should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions of certain methods of delivery of continuing education.” 

Please call Dr. Chuck Walls at 925-627-7243 for further information.


Registration and Fees

AVORE does not require a registration form to be completed and submitted. 

To register for the AVORE meeting please email rmhoover@live.com and you will be placed on the registration list and an invoice for the registration fees will be sent. 

Advanced registration fees $500

Registration fees if registering at the meeting $550

Technicians and nursing staff   $100

(AVORE Council Members’ dues cover the meeting registration fees.)


Please note that AVORE is not set up to process credit cards.  

Please mail your check payable to AVORE to:

Marie Hoover

1233 NW Council Drive

Gresham, Oregon  97030

Summer 2019

September 12-14, 2019 - Italy

Meeting Information

AVORE sends out emails with an announcement with the dates, place, agenda and meeting particulars.  You do not have to be a member to attend the meetings.  To receive meeting announcements via

email please contact Marie (see below) to be placed on the distribution list.  The Executive Secretary oversees the meeting registrations and dinner reservations as needed for each meeting.  If you have

any questions or special requirements for a meeting, please feel free to contact her. 


AVORE Executive Secretary – Marie Hoover

Phone:  503 380-7786

Email:  rmhoover@live.com


AVORE Saturday Early-Evening Feature


 In remembrance of all who gave some and some who gave all, SECUROS SURGICAL and ARATANA are pleased to sponsor a Saturday early-evening visit followed by appetizers and cocktails aboard the USS Midway, located within walking distance of the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego.  Our venue will be the Fantail Sponson Deck:  a semi-private outdoor covered patio overlooking the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge and downtown skyline.  Due to changing weather conditions, dress appropriately and be sure to notify Marie of your intent to attend, as participation is limited.


ON THE ROOF get a taste of what it took to launch and recover aircraft on Midway’s 4.02-acre flight deck, one of the most dangerous places on earth during flight ops.  One of our Council members has flown hundreds of combat hours in the A6 Intruder aircraft located on the flight deck adjacent to the ‘island’ and is eager to share with you his personal experiences.


The third USS Midway (CVB/CVA/CV-41) was an aircraft carrier of the United States Navy and lead ship of her class. Commissioned a week after the end of World War II, Midway was the largest ship in the world until 1955, as well as the first U.S. aircraft carrier too big to transit the Panama Canal.  She operated for 47 years, during which time she saw action in the Vietnam War and served as the Persian Gulf flagship in 1991's Operation Desert Storm. Midway’s first combat deployment came in 1965 flying strikes against North Vietnam.  Decommissioned in 1992, she is now a museum ship at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, and the only remaining U.S. aircraft carrier commissioned right after World War II ended that was not an Essex-class aircraft carrier. Her flight deck is full of historic ‘bread and butter’ combat naval aircraft.   


 For a thorough history visit:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Midway_(CV-41)


displacement: 45,000 tons
length: 968 feet
113 feet
35 feet
33 knots
4,104 crew
18 5-inch guns, 84 40mm guns, 68 20mm guns